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Lose 1-2 Stone (or Dress Sizes) and Get Fit in 12 Weeks

In the next few minutes I want to show you how you can see HUGE changes with your weight and fitness using our proven 12 week programme.  

At our members only, over 40's Personal Training Studio's in Birchgrove and Llanrhidian, we do things a little bit differently.  

They are not like any gym or other facility you've been to before.

Every session is overseen by Richard or one of our coaches, so there is always someone on hand to help you.  We show you how to do everything, from our unique warm up routines and low impact (high intensity) exercises, right through to our stretching and injury prevention techniques.

You also get our tried and tested slimming plan.

The plan has helped hundreds of local people lose weight fast and beocme healthier.  Included with the nutrition plan is a paperback copy of my "New Rules Of Weight Loss", a wonderful recipe book, containing 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners, plus you'll get already done for you meal plans so you can follow along.

We also have an Infra Red Sauna for our members to detoxify and rejuvenate their muscles and minds.  The sauna also has a full spectrum light panel specifically to help those who work under flourecent lights and infront of screens, the light also helps our members prevent S.A.D and the winter blues.

There is nothing else like this available for over 40's - all in ONE PLACE.

I have specifically provided the most tried and tested solutions I have discovered over the last 20 years, while helping 1000's of OVER 40's to get FAST results.

If you would like to sign up to one of our programmes to get fit and healthy, please choose the most suitable programme and complete an application form below.



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These are the most popular personal training programmes for you to choose from.  If you dont see what you want, please ask for a bespoke programme and we will design a tailor made one just for you.

Vitality Programme (Private 1-1)

This programme is ideal for those who prefer privacy.


This 12 Week Programme Includes:


- Screening & Assessments

- 3 x 30 Minute Exercise Sessions a Week

- Personalised Eating Plans & Feedback

- Recipe Books

- Infra Red Sauna

-Online Programme

- Hormone Optimisation

- Direct access to your Trainer

- Monthly Payments


You can use our Vitality programme to completely change your life and educate yourself for long term success. You will learn how to prepare, cook and eat the correct foods and exercise correctly in our private studio.


You can apply here:

£399 every 4 weeks

Vitality Programme (Semi-Private)

This programme is ideal for those who prefer a group environment and the camaraderie that comes with it.


We have lots of different sessions times available for men and women over 40.(see the registration form below for the days and session times).


The 12 Week Vitality Transformation Programme Includes:

- Screening and Assessments

- 3 x 30 Minute Sessions Per week (plus a 15 minute warm up)

- Personalised Eating Plans and Feedback

- Support

- Recipe Books x 4 (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, savoury snacks, sweet treats, curries, vegetarian) 

- Slimming Club Membership (worth £75)

- Online Exercise At Home Workouts x36 (in case you cant make a session) (worth £297)

- Infra Red Saunas (Worth £97 month)

- Workshops

- Your Very Own Personal Trainer

- Payable £99 per month, for three months.

- Up to 8 people per group 


Fill out this form (click link) to register for the BIRCHGROVE STUDIO:


Or fill out this form (click link) to register for the LLANRHIDIAN STUDIO:

£99 per month

Slimming Club Membership

This option is ideal for those who want to lose weight and dont want to get fit right now.  We have two slimming clubs, one in Birchgrove in Swansea and one in Bynea in Llanelli.   You can easily and quickly learn how to get in shape eating normal meals the whole family will enjoy.




*No sins

*No confusing points systems or counting calories 


*No low fat or sweetener filled foods


*No shakes, bars or products to buy


*No weighing and leaving 


*No announcing results or clapping


*No starving before weigh in’s and going for a Chinese afterward


Examples of easy recipes include:  Shepherds pie, curries, burgers, fish cakes, meatballs, kebabs, soups, salads, cookies, muffins, brownies, pate, Onion bhaji. (over 300 delicious recipes to choose from and our plan is gluten free and vegetarian friendly).


We will also show you how to reduce time in the kitchen and how to lower your grocery bills.



Locations, Days & Times:



-Birchgrove (Richard's Gym),7pm Tuesdays



-Birchgrove (Richard's Gym), 12.30pm Wednesdays


-Bynea (Jamie's Gym), 6.30pm Wednesdays


-Sketty (Gower College Sports Center), 12.00pm Wednesdays


To become a member please go here and fill out a form and we will be in touch:

£75 for a 12 week-course

What is Different About Richard?

Richard is an exercise scientist and weight loss specialist and has well over 20 years experience and is able to cater for people with a wide range of goals and health problems.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Close to M4 and Easy Parking

Very easy access from most areas as we are just 2 minutes off J44 on the M4, plus we have off road parking.

Why this is the cheapest option…

Have you ever wasted time by trying things on your own that haven’t worked or had limited results?  Maybe you have wasted money on unused gym memberships?  Our gym is different because we cater to over 40's, our members tell us its far less intimidating and as a result they are not put off coming to train and get sweaty.

More About Richard
Richard is considered amongst the best personal trainers in the UK. Richard’s signature programme is revolutionary, revealing the secrets of easily getting into great health with just 60 minutes of exercise a week.

As a published sports scientist, cardiac rehabilitation instructor and weight loss specialist who has worked extensively with the over 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  Richards natural approach, fantastic results and high standards are why his clients stay with him for many years.

Richards’s clientele, like him, want to be fit and healthy and have plenty of energy to enjoy life and ultimately retirement.  Richard has built up a wealth of connections during the years, from surgeons and consultants, to dentists, physiotherapists and GP's, and uses these contacts to help his clients.

You will achieve more than you thought possible by working with Richard and it will all be done professionally, safely and very effectively.

If you are looking for the best, then Richard is it.

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To hear what Richards clients say about him click here.

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